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Peter Cheek has been an Akita Breeder for over 24yrs.  His love and dedication for the breed is only a mere mirror reflection of the adoration and loyalty which he receives from his esteemed Akitas.  From breeding to grooming and raising championship quality dogs, Cheek spends every moment doting over the smallest details.  In the same way parents nurture their own children, when it comes to breeding for Peter Cheek; there is no difference in the intimate bond between this breeder and his beloved Society Akita.

When asked about his first encounter with an Akita, Peter Cheek laughingly admitted, that the first time he had ever seen or even heard of an Akita was his daughters’, Shandi Cheek, the very person responsible for the foundation of starting the business Society Akita, and that it wasn’t one of love and admiration but yet of fear and trepidation.  “I pulled up in my daughter drive way and actually thought there was a bear in her back seat” Cheek stated.  “But when I began to actually interact with the dog, I absolutely fell in love with the Akitas, and from that moment on a bond was building that would never be broken.” Cheek continued. 

Some would proclaim that Mr. Cheek goes a little over board and to the extreme when it comes to his Akita Pride.  Some would even say that his Akita breed lives better than most humans, which is actually true in many ways.  When it comes to the well being and living conditions of the dogs, Cheeks Akitas truly live like royalty.  They have their own home and living quarters which is located in the back yard of Mr. Cheeks fenced in home.  Within the Akitas home, they are provided with central air conditioning, television, beds, tile floors and even carpet.  The Akitas are religiously groomed twice a week by a professional groomer, and even have the luxury of riding in style in their very own air conditioned van. 

When asked about sparing no expense for his Akita breed, Cheek simply reminds all “Everything that these dogs have is what they have purchased for themselves, every dime that they have sold for, goes back into the investment of their well being and up keep”.

Every Akita within Cheek Society is AKC registered, from the full blood line of both mother and father.  They are house trained before they are even allowed to be sold and leave the camp.  They are trained to interact with people and raised to love and protect all children.  “They are more than dogs to me, they are a part of my family, and no amount of money in the world could be offered that I would sell my Akitas into a situation that I didn’t see fit for them, I will never put the dollar before my dogs.” Cheeks stated. Peter Cheek mission is to be just as loyal, to the most loyal dog in the world.  He is devoted to providing one of the world’s top ten guard dogs with the love and companionship of the perfect guardian. His relationship with his Akitas is priceless; therefore he will always put his dogs before the dollar.


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